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2018 Subscriptions - Now Due

24 Jan 2018

At the recent Annual General Meeting it was proposed and approved that membership fees should be increased, after remaining at the same level for the past 5 years. The table below shows the new subscription levels for 2018




Senior Playing Member



Junior Playing Member



Vice President



Junior Parent / Social Member (Joint)



Junior Parent / Social Member



The major changes are in playing memberships, where fees have increased from £60 to £84 or by £2 per month. We still feel this represents fantastic value for money when compared with lots of other sports organisations in the area.

As in previous years, we are offering the facility for our playing members to spread the cost across 12 months of the year via a secure monthly direct debit scheme, operated by GoCardless.

We are currently progressing exciting plans to redevelop our facilities, looking to secure a large amount of funding from external bodies. As part of this process it is imperative that we are able display what a large and diverse membership we hold and how our facilities are used by cross sections of the community.

Use the links below to set-up the correct level of membership for yourself – we’re positive you’ll find this a quick and easy process. For monthly payments plans please set up your membership payments no later than 28th Feb 2018

Senior Playing Membership (Annual)

Senior Playing Membership (Monthly)

Junior Playing Membership (Annual)

Junior Playing Membership (Monthly)

Vice President

Junior Parent / Social Member (Joint)

Junior Parent / Social member

NB: If you currently pay playing membership via £5 standing order you will need to contact your bank to cancel and then use the links above to set up 2018 membership

We look forward to welcoming you all to Higham Park in 2018.

Management Committee

Atherton CC